Be Refreshed, Relaxed & Rejuvenated

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Therapeutic Relaxation   OR   Therapeutic Deep Tissue 
Massage & Myofascial Release:
1 hour (55m)
$70        1 1/2 hour (85 m) $105

In a RELAXATION session, your therapist will nourish your body by increasing blood flow through the use of hands along with stretching to manipulate the superficial layers of the muscles to improve mental and physical health and invoke deep relaxation. 

In a THERAPEUTIC DEEP session, The therapist gives a more  intensive, problem solving massage using modalities that will address your particular body needs and bring relief and relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage:   
1 hour (55m)  $70        1 1/2 hour (85 m) $105

             A new mother-to-be is experiencing many physiological, psychological,                  spiritual and social changes.
           Now is the perfect time to take care of yourself and your baby during this                  precious time of new life.

Massage Add On's
Chinese Cupping
This therapy uses a negative pressure which pulls the skin and tissue up and allows for better blood flow and lymph drainage.  It is used to  break up fascial adhesions, decrease scar tissue, improve range of motion and circulation.  We get great results by the cups being moved slowly over problem areas or
we can use stationary magnetic cupping that is similar to acupuncture.    
Clients have  seen wonderful results with both techniques.
No charge for the Intro.  session,  but add'l sessions will be charged an additional $10.

This is an "Eastern Medicine" practice of scraping the tissue to again break up fascial adhesions,
scar tissue, improve range of motion and circulation. This technique is powerful in releasing adhesions and cutting off the blood source to those adhesions.  
This modality is powerful but can  be a bit more uncomfortable.  
Clients that  chose this modality,  say the benefits far out weigh the discomfort they may experience.  
            No charge for the Intro.  session,  but add'l sessions will be charged an additional $10.


We will use essential oils with massage to create a powerful duo to take your stress away and get you
on the road to better health.   A therapeutic massage with aromatherapy combines the
nurturing and relaxing power of touch with the powerful sense of smell. 
Energizing, Relaxing or Tranquility essential oils are available.
Add'l $5 

Hot Stones 
Enjoy a massage with the heat of stones that have been warmed.  Feel the warmth as it
 penetrate those tired and achy muscles and gives you the relief you deserve!
 Add'l $10 for 55 min. massage     $15 for 85 min. massage


Pampering Oxygen  & Steam Facial: (perfect for all skin types!) 

1 hour (55m)  $83       

Ahhh— give your skin a breath of fresh air! The oxygen facial delivers oxygen below the surface of the skin to thoroughly cleanse, stimulate and revitalize the skin.  
(men and women love this facial!)


Foot Treatment1 hour (55m)  $70       

Luxury is the key word!  We start with exfoliation using sea salts and aromatherapy oil. Then we apply a marine masque for an ultimate re-mineralizing treatment for tired and mineral depleted skin. Then lightly groom the nails and the grand finale is a foot massage. For a Royal treatment –add on a paraffin dip!

Reflexology Foot Treatment  1 hour (55m)  $75

By applying pressure on reflex points of the feet, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and promotes the natural and optimal functions of the body and its organs.

Paraffin Dip  for Hands, Feet: (or both)  15 minutes  $15

Body Wellness

Raindrop Therapy   1 hour (55m)  $85   temporarily unavailable    

Raindrop detoxes the body, aligns the spine and supports the immune system.  This technique involves applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine, neck, and feet.  The session lasts about an hour however the benefits may last up to a week or more.

Ear Candling:  40 min.  $50

Candling has been used over the centuries to relieve pressure in sinuses and ears and to improve balance. There is no discomfort; in fact, most people find the process very relaxing especially when combined with a gentle face and neck massage.

Body Scrub: 1 hour (55m)  $85      

A gentle overall body scrubbing that thoroughly cleans the pores while increasing blood circulation.  This treatment will give you a warm healthy glow, renewing texture and clarity of your skin.   This is a great idea  before you start tanning to ensure an even tan.

"Just for Him"

Clean Skin: 1 hour (55m)  $83

This one’s for the boys! A facial, designed just for the men!   It cleanses, tones and hydrates the skin while enjoying a neck and shoulders massage.

Red Carpet Treatment:   2.25 hrs. $200

Designed just for men!  A complete facial, followed by a full body massage and a scalp & face massage.  This combination will have  them on their journey to relaxation and letting go. 

We also recommend:  A foot treatment, reflexology, or a Sunspectra session.
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